How this Tool Works

This tool features the results of CSE's quantitative research into hard to treat' properties and HEES grant take-up in Wales. The research used statistical analysis and geographical mapping to investigate spatial variations in the following four factors:

  • the take up of HEES (Home Energy Efficiency Scheme) grants
  • access to mains gas
  • the prevalence of solid-walled housing.
  • (Lack of access to gas and solid wall housing are collectively referred to as 'hard to treat'.)
  • combined 'hard to treat' indicator.

These factors have important implications for targeting energy efficiency resources and combating fuel poverty. This is because it is more difficult to provide cost effective energy efficiency measures for properties off the gas network and/or built with solid walls. These properties therefore present particular challenges with respect to reducing fuel poverty.

It is also important that HEES grants are distributed equitably across all areas, relative to need, on the grounds of fairness.

CSE has carried out statistical analyses to establish whether there are significant variations in the distribution of the four factors according to the extent of 'rurality' in different areas, using the Office for National Statistic's classification of urban and rural areas (see link).

The website includes detailed county maps of the four factors (maps for your area) and the results of CSE's statistical analysis (research report).